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Vivienne Sole

Vivienne is a visual artist ,living and working in Hereford. Returning from a career in Hong Kong she trained in Fine Art in Hereford College of Art. She has exhibited widely  including exhibitions at The Chapel Gallery , Bromyard. She is a member of the locally based ART WRITE group who have most recently been exhibiting their show “Moment” on line during the “covid” period.


The work on show during ARTWALK is around a theme of loss, taking  the butterfly as a motif  representing  the soul .She enjoys 3D work, collage and book art , and selecting materials that relate to the subject matter. In the piece “Firelight” she has chosen to create  butterflies from golden joss paper, normally these papers are burnt in the East as offering for the ancestors.

Viv Sole.jpg
Viv 2.JPG

 Papaver Somniferum ”White Cloud” .

Papercut. 50cm x 50cm    

Viv 1.JPG

'Images of the Soul'

Transfer print                     

P1040254 (2) desktop.JPG
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