Shelly Perkins
at The House Mistress

Roe Rhythms

Carmine colony £169 framed £245 framed

Leaping into Spring
Aquatic Encounter

Shelly Perkins

Shelly Perkins is a wildlife artist living 15 mins from Bromyard. Her work is inspired by the landscapes and wildlife around her home in rural worestershire as well as her travels around the worlds seven continents. Shelly creates her work in an unusual way combining traditional drawing and painting with digital techniques. Her work is sold as limited edition prints. 


Shelly is the founder of The Artists' Gallery in Ludlow, Shropshire. She Runs the gallery jointly with seven other local creatives. Shelly is present at the gallery one day a week.

To make a meeting with her at the gallery to discuss her work please get in touch. 07974 652 866  

Shelly will also be taking part in Herefordshire Art Week at The Artists Gallery this year - venue number 93.