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Megan Evans

For the past year Megan has been working predominantly in paint to explore a looser approach to image making.  Printmaking with litter still has a very firm place in her practice, but the importance of interacting with the outdoors has led her to new ways of capturing colours and movement in nature.  The opportunities that watercolours in particular have provided have been invaluable - a highlight of the year has been painting for several days in Spain, using a tiny palette, tiny brushes, and a tiny sketchbook.  There is something so liberating about painting everything in miniature - no longer encumbered by lots of painting gear and large sketchbooks, she was able to paint far more frequently, resulting in a comprehensive collection of Spanish miniatures.  Megan is a sessional worker at Longlands Care Farm, facilitating regular student achievements of AQA awards in Art and Design, and is completing various private commissions.  She hosts regular Art classes at her home studio near Whitbourne with painter Bill Evans.  They will be welcoming visitors to the studio (Venue 26 East) for h.Art from Saturday 2nd to Sunday 10th September 2023, 11am-5pm.


Instagram:  @meganevans_artist


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