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Jan Berry

During the first meeting I had with my Art Tutor at college, he asked me, “What is Art?”

I was barely 20 at the time and very nervous.

“Colour?” I replied.

“Close,” he said.

“Art is Light.”

His definition stuck. Whenever I make a print, or a painting, I begin by looking for the Light. I look for where it’s coming from and its effect on the subject I’m painting. The rest follows from there.

I’ve been painting and drawing all my life, trained in Art and Education in Liverpool and have been exhibiting work in Herefordshire and beyond for the past 15 years. I enjoy representing natural forms, beaches, rocks, plants and wildlife in linocut printmaking, pastels and acrylics.

Today I would challenge my Tutor’s definition of Art. I think Art has to do with ways of looking, ways of seeing, ways of imagining.

I live and work in Bromyard , in beautiful Herefordshire.

To look at recent work follow me on
Instagram @janberryart
Or contact me on 07532 233 403

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white flowers.jpg
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boars - brown.jpg
'Water Lily'
'Large Allium Seedheads'
"Blue Flowers"
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