Bromyard Community Arts

The Bromyard Community Arts group has been formed to promote and organise arts events and activities for the benefit of the local community in Bromyard and the surrounding area and to create opportunities for participation, engagement and education.

Bromyard   Lantern   Procession

Long live lanterns!
Lantern Procession Saturday 20th November 2021


This year’s Lantern Procession was a great success and a bright and joyful addition to the famed Bromyard Christmas Lights Switch-On!  Around seventy-five children and grown-ups set off from the Conquest Theatre, lanterns held high, following the red-hatted drummers.  The procession couldn’t fail to turn heads as the glowing lanterns followed the drums along the route through town.  The lanterns played their part beautifully and the whole Switch-On event was a very well attended (did you see the aerial photo in the Hereford Times?  It’s a great photo and also the biggest and best in the paper’s round-up of switch-on events).

Congratulations and thank you to all lantern-makers, drummers and members of the procession for such a great performance!  Thank you also to the Conquest Theatre, the Co-Op and to the organisations (shown below) who gave grants to make it all possible.

P.S.  Check out the lovely lantern displays in B&M Johnson’s showroom (opposite Gladwin’s) and Textiles & Teagowns (near Hop Pole Square), and
https://www.bromyardcommunityarts.co.uk/ for many more photos!

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A BIG thank you to all the children and their families who made such beautiful lanterns and came and joined in the Lantern Procession.

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In case you missed the 2021 ARTWALK you can still enjoy the artist’s work online here

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An exhibition of Children’s Art is also online. The young artists of Bromyard making a great contribution to the ARTWALK.

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