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Maggie McGladdery

My paintings are mostly semi-abstract landscape. I aim for a fluid style of working in bold colours that have interest from a distance and also reward looking more closely.
Over the past year I have moved from working on canvas, to working on paper. This is partly because I have drastically increased my work rate during lockdown!!
I have also discovered my reasons for painting, inspired by my love of mountains, valleys and natural forms, (and missing being there!) are best summed up by the words of the wonderful artist Georgia O’Keefe.
“ I found I could say things with colour and shape that I couldn’t say any other way- things I had no words for.”
I work mostly in acrylic but have recently introduced collage and various pen, pencil and crayon marks. My first brush strokes, in paint or ink, are intuitive and free, and these are then worked on in layers with collage, glazes, paint and then pens and pencils to pull the composition together.
This exciting voyage of discovery through process, is constantly evolving and I am always excited to see where the next picture will take me!

I paint purely for my own pleasure, but I am always thrilled when others enjoy my work too.

Contact details: tel: 07950 607784
NB: I continue to be grateful to Alfred Mann at Bromyard Art Studios, Heritage House,
1, Rowberry St. Bromyard

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