Bill Evans 
at B and M Johnson (High Street)

DSC03671 big lilies cropped.jpg

DSC03778 redwoods in snow cropped.jpg
DSC03407 Pat brook small format.jpg
DSC03099 small.jpg

Hawthorn blossom, looking down  60 x 75cm

Bill Evans 

Bill Evans began painting seriously at school where he was lucky enough to have two inspiring teachers - Bruce Killeen and Richard Blomfield, both practising artists. One of his main early influences was Nicolas De Stael.  He held a one-man exhibition in Oxford in 1969 and took part in the East London Artists exhibition at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in 1974.

Having spent most of his working life  as a farmer, forester and estate manager, with painting taking a back seat, Bill has started a new career as an artist and  has been painting full time since 2013.